Paul D. Tomlingson 
Management Consultant (Retired)
1905 Glencoe Street
Denver, Colorado 80220 -1344
303 377 5585
Paul D. Tomlingson is a retired management consultant. He is a 1953 graduate of West Point, holds an MS in Engineering plus an MBA and an MA in Government, both from the University of New Hampshire. After a successful career in the US Army with duty in the US, Germany, South Korea and Vietnam he settled in Denver and was immediately attracted to the mining Industry. In 1968 he formed a management consulting firm to provide maintenance management services to heavy industry. His consulting experiences, spanning 44 years, would eventually reach into heavy industry of all types including mining and mineral processing, oil and gas and pulp and paper. Intersperced were projects with many other industries and numerous on-site and public seminars. He is the author of 11 textbooks on maintenance management and has published over 100 trade journal articles in periodicals such as: Plant Engineering, Mining Engineering, Coal Age, Maintenance Technology and E&MJ.


Maintenance Technology – “One of the greats of the maintenance and reliability profession.”

Plant Engineering – “The base of Tomlingson’s experience is important. He has the credentials to change traditional thinking both within maintenance and about maintenance. Many consultants come out of industry with knowledge based primarily on their employer’s plant.”

Society of Mining Engineers – “Critical ‘big picture’ issues are brought to life . . . providing ideas and techniques to help solve the maintenance problems you’re grappling with today.”

His latest book:  Maintenance in Transition - The Journey to World Class Maintenance can be obtained in either printed form or as a PDF File.  See BOOK.

A series of 15 Powerpoint presentations are available for download and utilization in your in-house training programs.  See TRAINING


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